Sunday, September 30, 2012

Red Hot and Ready for the Runway


Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Nordstrom B.P. Fashion Board Fashion Show! In case you have no idea what I'm talking about you can remind yourself here. And Yes It Is Capital Letter Worthy. This year the theme was homecoming, but it was combined with fall looks. Each model chose a fall school look and a homecoming dress to strut in down the runway. During the show, each girl modeled their fall outfit--performed an impossible quick-change--then remained calm enough to gracefully float down the runway in a sparkly dress for their second look. All the while the paparazzi snapped pictures and the editor-in-chiefs jotted notes about the stunning high-fashion haute couture styles they observed. Next month they will all appear in VOGUE and teenagers will hightail it to the nearest B.P. to buy everything in sight. 

Okay I got a little carried away there, but the show was a complete success! As a model, I loved being able to style my own outfit because last year we did not have that opportunity. Coincidentaly enough, while everyone was enjoying coffee in the store after the show, I took the time to look around and score some new clothes! I love the way my new blood red jeans and olive green military jacket go together perfectly. It's like red and green with a twist, so I don't look like a Christmas tree! Also according my last post I am totally on trend right now. Go me!

I'll post the paparazzi pics when the editors approve them, and choose which ones they want for the magazine.

On a side note: Fall=Apple Cider=Best thing ever.

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