Monday, February 27, 2012

Mellow Monday

Vintage scarf, earrings, purse, and shoes, Nordstrom tee and sweater, Gap 1969 jeans.

I have to say I'm getting a bit tired of explaining how happy I am for spring, so today I just want to soak in the wonderfulness of my mom's old scarf transformed into a turband. Oh plus her shoes, purse, and earrings...but hey I guess closet shopping is cheaper than real shopping!

The yarn and chain bracelets are a DIY courtesy of Honestly WTF that I made this past summer. Super easy and a perfect weekend craft! I decided to tie a knot on this shirt to give it some structure because it is pretty much a shapeless sack by itself.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Shopping

Gap zip-up, Under Amour jogging pants, Nordstrom top, vintage bag, vintage shoes, Urban Outfitters nail polish.

Nothing like an early bird shopping trip to start the day off, the straight-outta-bed hair really completes the look. This bright sweater is from Gap about four years back, before they changed their color scheme to gray-scale. Like I said before though, they just came out with a new color campaign for this spring (which you can read about here) appropriately named "Be Bright". 

It looks a little something like this:

Gap Spring 2012 "Be Bright"

I'm really excited for the weather to start heating up, but until then I'll just have to fake it with my colorful clothes!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Green Jeans

H&M pants, Nordstrom shirt, Madewell tank, Sperry Topsiders, Coach Poppy wristlet, vintage belt.

This just in: kelly green is the new denim. I've seen it everywhere now-- Atlantic-Pacific, J. Crew, and H&M. Dull colors are a thing of the past this spring! Even the tired and true Gap neutrals have taken a colorful new twist this season; they've introduced their own brightly hued jeans. 

Instead of going with the obvious springtime color combos-- light blue, pink, yellow...I wanted to choose an unexpected color combination. Green and red are complementary colors, but it can be hard to combine them without looking like a Christmas tree. Since both of the shades I used were not the traditional dark green and deep red, the two bright colors complement each other perfectly. To tone it down I added a neutral shirt, and spiced the outfit up with some color coordinated jewelry. 

Happy Valentine's Day! In my mind, today is the only day that where it is acceptable to wear pink and red together, and I took full advantage of it.


^seriously take a look at this super cute French song by MIKA^

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Party Animal

I don't particularly consider myself to be a party animal. Don't get me wrong--I'm always up for going out, but  I'm definitely not a hardcore partygoer. But this bedazzled dress helps me to channel that hidden cheetalicious side of me! It was an unusual buy for me, but I got it for my outfit in the fashion show that I'm going to be in this weekend. It's run by my school, but for an amateur production it is close to professional. Hair and makeup artists from Paul Mitchell will come to do our hair and makeup in the morning. Mine will look something like this:

Hair: Ponytail bump
Makeup: Metallic smokey eye & light lipstick

As for the pants, they were just an impulse buy. But one that I am very proud of! More on them later...