Monday, January 30, 2012

An Ode to Perfection

American Eagle thermal, Gap jeans, Steve Madden desert boots, Fossil watch, vintage necklace.

I just got this necklace as a gift from my grandparents--its a really heavy gold chain from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I decided to juxtapose my brother's old thermal tee with the heavy jewelry to dress it up a bit. Also, I feel like I practically live in this jeans/shoes combo so I need to start switching it up a bit. 

Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to set aside some time to do this great DIY collar from Honestly WTF. I love the cute girlish elegance it adds, and this one is so versatile since it's detachable. 

ASOS Peter Pan Collar Dress
Michelle Williams and Elle Fanning
Alexa Chung for Madewell

I've yet to profess my love for Madewell but here is an ode to my favorite store:

There once was a store named Madewell,
Whose clothes were as great as Adele,
Then Alexa was selected
To make clothes that were perfected
That made me feel even more swell.

So my hopes are that with this new accessory, Alexa Chung's awesome aura of chic effortlessness will run off on me. Fingers crossed!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's not easy being Jane.

Zara tank, Nordstrom gray tee, H&M pants, Clarks loafers, LOFT sweater, vintage boots.

Trying to work on my winter layering look, but came out with mixed results. Let me know what you think of the tank over the shirt? High-fashion or high-school? Well I'm taking that line from the new ABC Family TV show "Jane By Design".

The show revolves around a high school girl named Jane Quimby...really.. Quimby. She is a high schooler who applies for a fashion internship but mistakenly gets the job of assistant to the designer. It has been running for about three weeks now and I've heard mixed results. Personally, I felt like it could have had potential as a fun guilty pleasure show, however there is major umph lacking in the fashion department. She wears things like this...

. ................. ... .....
and has a friend with six extra inches of hair
..... .............


I suppose that style is supposed to be expressive and individual in order to reflect who you really are "deep down"... but to me that means that Jane is really a fluffy Kermit the Frog trapped inside a leather straight jacket. That's not the type of person I want to continuously be around.

Despite the initial turn offs, the show still has time to improve! Hopefully it will become less iCarly and more Gossip Girl-esque.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sparkle & Fade.

Inspired this week by the most recent Teen Vogue issue (Feb. 12) and the story they did on hair and nails. I loved this one the most,  particularly the orange crush nails. I decided to try my own version of it in a more subtle way because the blue sparkles I had were a bit too overwhelming.

The process is really simple though! Start with a coat of polish in a similar color to your glitter, then in a little dish (I used an empty contact lens case) press your nail  down then shake off the excess. To seal the glitter, cover with one or two coats of clear polish. Sephora sells their own version by OPI that comes already in a little container.

Also, my new Calvin Klein crossbody bag--doubles as a clutch when you take the strap off!


ps. slight nod to PLL in the last was on last night but I haven't seen it yet. Aria anyone?

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Homestead Photo Diary

Just came back from the Homestead resort and spa for winter break. The atmosphere there is so peaceful and relaxing, I didn't have a care in the world. But now I'm back to reality and ready to start off the new year! Introducing my sister into the mix: she is an aspiring actress with a high tolerance for my demand for her to be my photographer. 

My glasses finally arrived right before the trip so this is my debut wearing of them!