Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sparkle & Fade.

Inspired this week by the most recent Teen Vogue issue (Feb. 12) and the story they did on hair and nails. I loved this one the most,  particularly the orange crush nails. I decided to try my own version of it in a more subtle way because the blue sparkles I had were a bit too overwhelming.

The process is really simple though! Start with a coat of polish in a similar color to your glitter, then in a little dish (I used an empty contact lens case) press your nail  down then shake off the excess. To seal the glitter, cover with one or two coats of clear polish. Sephora sells their own version by OPI that comes already in a little container.

Also, my new Calvin Klein crossbody bag--doubles as a clutch when you take the strap off!


ps. slight nod to PLL in the last was on last night but I haven't seen it yet. Aria anyone?

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