Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Green Jeans

H&M pants, Nordstrom shirt, Madewell tank, Sperry Topsiders, Coach Poppy wristlet, vintage belt.

This just in: kelly green is the new denim. I've seen it everywhere now-- Atlantic-Pacific, J. Crew, and H&M. Dull colors are a thing of the past this spring! Even the tired and true Gap neutrals have taken a colorful new twist this season; they've introduced their own brightly hued jeans. 

Instead of going with the obvious springtime color combos-- light blue, pink, yellow...I wanted to choose an unexpected color combination. Green and red are complementary colors, but it can be hard to combine them without looking like a Christmas tree. Since both of the shades I used were not the traditional dark green and deep red, the two bright colors complement each other perfectly. To tone it down I added a neutral shirt, and spiced the outfit up with some color coordinated jewelry. 

Happy Valentine's Day! In my mind, today is the only day that where it is acceptable to wear pink and red together, and I took full advantage of it.


^seriously take a look at this super cute French song by MIKA^

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