Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Love the little things

I love putting outfits together, and accessories are my favorite part! I thought I would focus on all of the little details this week...sort of like micro view.

Channeled my inner ballerina today, and DIY pink tights headband. What? You say... A headband made of tights? Check out how I did it here. Like so many other little girls, I used to dream of being a ballerina. However, when that dream faded away I was left with memories of dance class and many, many pairs of pink tights. Now I have given them a second life!

Fossil watch, Steve Madden Desert boots, Heritage chambray shirt, and Madewell tee.

I seemed to have stumbled upon Stumbleupon! It's how I spend all my free time's where I find cool stuff like this.


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