Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Paint It Black

^see it's a turkey!^

This morning I noticed the ground was wet, so I quickly grabbed my rainboots off my shelf, dusting them off as I pulled them on. I have limited chances to wear them, so I started my morning off in a good mood due to my good luck!

I wore all black today, which is completely out of the ordinary for me. I can maybe think of a couple times when I've dressed so dark, and they mostly consist of blackout games. However, today I felt like I represented the weather perfectly or. Or I was just thinking ahead for...

BLACK FRIDAY. aka. the day after turkey day, the beginning of Christmas, the busiest shopping day of the year.

I've got to start planning what sales I'll be hittin' up, but no earlier than 9....maybe 8:30. I'm definitely NOT one of those people willing to pull an all-nighter for that mini doughnut maker on sale for $29.99 that "I just know mom will love". But I am still gettin' pumped for the Urban Outfitters sale. How can you go wrong with 50% off of all sale items?

Another obsession...this week I'm in love with wearing all of my dad's sweaters! I thought to myself..why bother spending $60+ on an "oversized" sweater when I can wear one for free! Can't tell that much from the picture (again, lack of photographer..) but it was the perfect oversized fit. Plus an additional bonus was that it was cashmere..mmmmm warm and cozy.

Dad's sweater, H&M pants, Nordstrom necklace, generic black rain boots.


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  1. beautiful outfit & post!
    lovel your style =P