Monday, August 29, 2011

If only...

So more about the fashion board....had my first official meeting today! It was fun and everyone is really nice, and has really cute style. There must be something in the water there at Nordstrom because like the Fashion Party emcee from yesterday, the manager who ran the meeting was crazy over-the-top enthusiastic.

We took a style quiz to get to know everyone there, and my style is 'trendy and in-the-moment'. That kind of reflects what I wore today...
Steve Madden Desert Boot

+ Madewell checkered
button-up and
white denim shorts.

..which are pretty much my new obsession. However what I really want now is...
Madewell Archive
Leather Boot

...but, as of now I don't have $298 to splurge on ah-mazing boots.


P.S. Some people were wondering-- yes! I did take all of the photos shown from my trip to France, and will have taken all of the photos that I post, with the exception of the just merchandise ones. 

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