Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why Did We Wear That? Worst Fashion Crimes of the 2000s.

In honor of all the stylish trends we have now, let's take a look back at all of the fashion mishaps and mistakes of the 2000s:

Also known as the precursor to the snuggie, I give you the poncho.
Oh hey I have a blanket that looks just like that, except mine doesn't have a hole in the middle...

Why was it is considered cool to confuse people about if you were wearing a 
skirt or tell me!

The Popcorn Shirt.
Remember these? Hopefully not. In stores they appeared to be made for dolls, or maybe a three year old, but voila!
When on, it fit like a normal shirt--magic!

One word. Crocs. 

Platform Flip Flops.
Some women thought that platform flip flops would make them appear taller, thinner--irresistible--when it reality
we all wondered why they had strapped styrofoam blocks to their feet.

Now in case you're wondering, I've never committed any of these fashion crimes.
I definitely didn't own gauchos in brown, black, and gray, a red knit poncho, a blue tie-dye popcorn shirt, and pink furry Crocs.
No. Definitely not. *cough cough*


ps. This throwback song has great style as well, take a look at those awesome parachute pants, belly shirts, and platform boots!

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